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Responsive Hypnotherapy Course for just £799

The Responsive Hypnotherapy Course is a phenomenal Level 5 Advanced Hypnotherapy training course. It is nationally accredited by the GHR and ACCPH.

It is designed to follow any recognised Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Programme. You may take the course directly after you have completed our Clinical Hypnotherapy Programme or buy it as a stand alone course if you have qualified at another school.

The Responsive Hypnotherapy Practitioner Programme is a 6 day post graduate advanced hypnotherapy training course. It is the precursor of the Flourish Programme. But it is still an advanced hypnotherapy training course compared to most of those on the market today.

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What qualifications will you get on the Responsive Hypnotherapy Course?

You will get:

  • Level 5 Responsive Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
  • (Level 3) Weight Loss and Gastric Band Specialist*
  • (Level 3) Addictions and Smoking Specialist*
  • (Level 3) Anxiety and Phobia Specialist*
  • (Level 3) Stress and Anger Management Specialist*

Please understand that much of the theory you will complete at home. And a significant amount of teaching time is on hypnotherapy practical.

(*You will get the manuals of these Level 3 courses to learn from. If you wish to take the course assessments to get the qualification diplomas there is an additional marking fee to pay per course).

Benefits of this course

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Manuals for each of the following:

Responsive Hypnotherapy

Level 3 Weight Loss and Gastric Band Specialist

Level 3 Addictions and Smoking Specialist

Level 3 Anxiety and Phobia Specialist

Level 3 Stress and Anger Management Specialist

You will also get over 14 hours live recoded therapy sessions with real clients.

Other benefits

  • Different income streams – Responsive Hypnotherapist, and Niche Specialist
  • Nationally recognised qualification
  • Cressinghams discounted insurance scheme
  • Professional membership, GHR (GHSC)** and ACCPH. And the full range of benefits these offer their members
  • Your first year of ACCPH membership Free
  • 1 year full back-up and support after graduation
  • Savings on our CPD courses.

**You must complete the Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner course first to complete the required number of teaching hours.

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