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Hypnotherapy research is something I pride myself on. I strive to improve the teaching I provide at Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy. It seems like I have been around a long time in the therapy world. When I learned hypnotherapy, it very traditional methods of hypnotherapy. These were ‘Old School’ and I realised then that they needed much improvement.

This is why I have dedicated the last 16 years, (at the time of writing), to making hypnotherapy more effective. I am not stuck in the old psychological dogma theorised 100 or so years ago. Utilising current scientific based knowledge hypnotherapy can move forward. And be so much more effective.

I get my inspiration from scientific research evidence.

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Solid research in Hypnotherapy at Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy


  • Neuropsychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Quantum concepts
  • Brain chemistry
  • Hormones
  • Other processes.

Light hypnotic trance is the main process but out of trance works for many. And it uses simple processes that all normal people can do in seconds. We can all change our minds in seconds but it has become a massive myth. That it takes weeks, months, years to change our mind about a psychological problem. (Thanks for nothing, Freud!).

The Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner course follows the Core Curriculum. All accredited courses have to follow this and the National Occupational Standards. It is my opinion that much of this is "Old School" out-dated stuff. My level 4 course follows it but the Level 5 courses go in a very different direction. How the mind actually works not some constructed approach or theory.

My research makes it appearance in the Flourish Programme©. And to a lesser extent in the Responsive Hypnotherapy Programme.

It only takes seconds when someone is ready to change their mind! There is evidence that it takes a few milliseconds to stop a though or behaviour occurring. Once that has occurred the brain has created a new neural pathway. And it is strengthened using a natural process called Hebb’s Law. This enables the new thought or pathway to become the norm. And thereby exterminating the old negative ones. When that new pathway is part of a powerful anchor it expand exponentially. When that anchor itself releases an incredible hormone such as oxytocin. then, the results are ‘mind-blowing’ for many people.

This has allowed the development of the Flourish Programme©. It is a revolutionary therapy based on clinical hypnotherapy elements of the above.

Please be aware that the Flourish Programme is not based on the highly controversial and largely unsubstantiated work of Benjamin Lebet.

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