My Commitments to you

Commitments - There are 5 main commitments that I, Richard Wain, founder

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My Commitments to you. Your expectations of me

of the Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy make to you. They are listed below and form a key part of the way we deliver courses. Here in Dartford and our regional centres that will be arriving soon.

1) I will endeavour to ensure that the training courses and programmes are unique. People have different learning styles so all my tutors use multi-modal delivery techniques. This means we can creative an enjoyable, relaxed and experiential approach to classes. I update courses every year as research provided new techniques or other information.

2) All your tutors will get to know you on a personal level. CCH does not have large and impersonal groups. So relative to others our group should be small. We go for quality not quantity.

3) The team is very aware that students have employment and/or family commitments. So we try to arrange the timetables to fit most people’s requirements. All major clinical hypnotherapy courses are weekend based. Other attendance courses are also based over the weekend.

4) Clinical hypnotherapy is an art or a science? My foot is very in the camp of an art with a scientific background. It is my belief that every talking therapy is an art. On this basis I developed the training to give you the artistic skills. And the many techniques required to become an effective therapist. Your tutor will give you the ‘scientific’ knowledge but the real artistry comes from you.

Most of the courses offered by CCH are research and science based but the delivery is an art.

5) Making a point of providing a safe environment to learn in. It is a place where theoretical, practical and entertaining training will happen. Allowing you to absorb new skills, the confidence to use them. And gain a feeling of purpose and know you have the ability to help people with problems.

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