Why choose our courses?

So, why choose our courses? I am well aware that it can be somewhat confusing and difficult to decide which course would suit you best. So, I have listed what I feel are the main benefits about Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy. There is also other relevant information in the Commitment

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Choose our courses

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Choose one of our courses or programmes to get original material. We give you everything you need - produced by Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy

  1. All of our training courses and programmes are recognised by leading insurance companies. We operate our own discounted scheme which is available to all attendance graduates. You will get £8.50 off their standard fee.
  2. You get everything you need for the course you do. There is no need to buy extra books etc. We provide them all.
  3. We do not charge high fees. Hypnotherapy NLP training is mindful that people are changing careers. Or looking to earn a second income. So cost could be important to them; that you may be staying in a local B&B or hotel or commuting every day. These things add to your costs.
  4. You can pay for your course in full or by monthly instalments. Payments are by cash, PayPal Send Money, (direct transfer), PayPal Invoice or card through our paymant gateway. We do not take card payments in person. We do them through our website payment gateway. This is that you know that we do not have your card details so cannot misuse them.
  5. If you do not like the course you can leave with a month's notice. You will not have to pay the balance of the course.
  6. The price you see is the price you pay. there atr no hidden costs or addons.

Why choose our courses? – More reasons

7. We teach in a multi-approach way. E.g. the Level 4 Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner course teaches you:

  • suggestion therapy
  • regression therapy
  • NLP techniques
  • elements of several other approaches.

8. You complete much of the theory at home – we give as much time on every day to demos and practice. People need ‘hands-on’ training as much as possible. Practice makes perfect.

9. There is no federal regulation of hypnotherapy in the UK. All our courses follow the content requirements the National Occupational Standards and the Core Curriculum. We may differ on time spent on training.

You will be eligible to join the ACCPH as a fully Accredited Member. And other organisations with our practitioner qualifications.

10. You will get 12 months of FREE supervision after you have qualified.

11. We will also be there with support for all the time you are in practice.

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