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All the About Us intro section is written by Dr Richard Wain the founder of Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy.

Let's get the biography bit and general information about us out the way first. There is some information on the right and more below.

In 1994 I qualified teacher, (PGCE), of Science and Psychology. And most of the time since then I have been teaching A Level Psychology. I only left teaching in schools in July 2017. So, I know how to teach!

I am not a hypnotherapist who has decided to teach because their practice is not making enough money!

My rather busy practice is in the centre of Dartford in Kent. I see adults and children five days a week. It is here that I do my hypnotherapy research. Yes; I work out better and faster systems of change on my clients – with their consent. This research gets passed on to my students on the advanced courses.

Within this about us intro I tell you about my simple philosophy. I am a full-time practitioner, which means I see clients, so I can “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk”. I use examples of real-life clients to illustrate both theory and practice. Not all trainers are successful practitioners.

I, Richard Wain, write all the courses.  I do not teach courses written by someone else. Maybe written years ago and not updated.

Another thing ‘about us intro’ is that I see being a smallish enterprise as a great advantage. It means there is far greater control of how the courses operate. I revise them on a regular basis and our trainers are involved in all these processes. Being small also allows me to keep the number of students lower in each group. Which enables the trainers to develop a real, tangible rapport with each individual.

The effect of this is noticeable as each person is more at ease and learns more. They have a greater sense of enjoyment and satisfaction during the course. You can be confident that with us you will receive some of the finest training available.

I strive to maintain a very high standard in every aspect of our courses. By constant revision from feed-back and new research, etc..

A ‘hands on’ and experiential method of teaching is paramount to successful learning. So we involve all participants in many activities during their training.

Best wishes,

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Qualifications and Memberships

Fellow of ACCPH

Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine

Acknowledged Senior Supervisor (GHR and ACCPH)

Lic. Fellow Institute of Training and Occupational Learning

Member of the Society for Education and Training

Founder of The Flourish Programme Programme

Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist (GHR)

Master NLP Practitioner

B.Sc.(Hons) Psychology

Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Science)

D.Sc.(AM) Doctor of Science Alternative Medicine – Open International University for Alternative Medicine, (India)

Level 4 Dip. Master Practitioner Clinical Hypnotherapy

Level 4 Dip. CBT Practitioner

Level 4 Dip. Counselling Children and Adolescents

Level 3 Dip. Child Psychology