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Attendanced hypnotherapy courses at Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Attendance Courses and Programmes.

So are interested in hypnotherapy courses and becoming a highly competent hypnotherapist; well done. You have made the first step toward the most rewarding vocational lifestyle today.

We are all different and need to learn in different ways. No matter what your learning style is you cannot learn hypnotherapy online. The teaching has to be face-to-face in a classroom using attendance programmes. There has to be losts of time set aside for supervised peer practice. At Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy we do that.

By delivering all courses in a variety of teaching styles we can fit everyone's learning style.

CCH offers courses from the ‘bog standard’ Level 4 clinical hypnotherapy practitioner. Upto the advanced Flourish Programme built round:

  • neuroscience
  • neuropsychology
  • evolutionary psychology
  • psychoneuroimmunology
  • neuro-cardiology
  • neuro-metaphors
  • and other incredible processes.


When I design advanced hypnotherapy courses I am determined not to offer ‘bog standard’ - I am aiming for innovation.

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Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy hypnotherapy courses are of high quality

Most hypnotherapy teaching was designed last century. And has not moved forward very little with modern knowledge. Being mired in ‘Old World’ practice and dogma they are lagging behind.

But to be able to learn the more advanced practices you must master the ‘bog standard’ basics. After that you can excel by attending the more advanced courses and learning so much more.

We do not intend to be the biggest - we do intend to be one of the best. Each student has a mentor throughout the course. As well as direct access to the lead trainer, so your questions are always answered. You will find our support, both during and after the course, to be second to none.

In the wider picture we have a mission to explore the potential of this exciting field. To make the public more aware of the power each of us has within us to regain our mental health. And to discover the untapped potential that can make our lives extraordinary. Our graduates are a vital means to achieve this education.

I have an absolute passion for helping people to be the best they can be - as a person and as a therapist. I suspect that you share this passion or you would not be reading this. I know that people can change their minds in milliseconds. Even about deep psychological issues. It does not take weeks to sort out an anxiety or phobia. Elimination occurs in 1-2 hours of high powered techniques.

Most hypnotherapy schools do not teach these phenomenal ways of helping people. They have not learned them or do not believe in them. You will have to ask them why, but I suspect the reason is their adherence to "Old World" psychological dogma.

Modern scientific work is proving that so much of the 'stuff' I was taught from 1980 onwards is rubbish. (That is my honest personal opinion, many will disagree).

So I have set out on a course to help therapists get past all this old hat stuff. And become an up-to-date hypnotherapist.

All courses are fully accredited.

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All courses are fully accredited by the GHR or ACCPH. See the course pages for accreditation details.

Level 4 Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner with NLP Practitioner (6 weekends)

Level 5 Responsive Hypnotherapy Practitioner (3 weekends)

Level 6 Flourish Programme (3 weekends)

Level 4 Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy Practitioner (3 weekends)

Level 4 Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Master NLP Programme (3 weekends)

Level 4 Positive Psychology Hypnotherapy Practitioner (3 weekends)