Text based courses

Below is a list of text based courses which are available through our SHOP.

Please be aware that this list and many of the text based courses are being updated. This means that some titles may not be available in the shop.

man using laptop for Text based courses

Text based courses can be studied anywhere

All of the text based courses listed below are accredited by ACCPH. The courses follow their stringent criteria and can be seen on their website by following this link. ACCPH.

Once you have purchased your  course you will be able to download it in a zip file. Those that are too large to be sent in a single zip file will be broken into two or more zip files. The first you will down load straight after the purchase. The remainder will be sent to you within a few hours. (It may be next day if you purchase when our office is closed).

Click the word SHOP at the end of each title of the text based courses to go to the shop page.



Level 4: CBT Cognitive-behavioural Therapy Diploma.  SHOP

Level 4: Counselling Children and Adolescents Diploma SHOP

Level 3: Using CBT in Hypnotherapy Diploma (Aimed mainly at stress and anger reduction) SHOP

Level 3: Using Coaching and NLP Techniques in Hypnotherapy Diploma SHOP

Level 3: Applied Psychology in the Workplace Diploma SHOP

Level 3: Managing Stress in the Workplace Diploma SHOP

Level 3: Child Psychology Diploma SHOP

Level 3: Mindfulness for Children (and Adults) Diploma SHOP

Level 3: EFT for Children (and Adults) Diploma SHOP

Level 3: Play Based Therapy SHOP

Level 3: Coaching Young People Diploma SHOP

Level 3: Counselling Skills for all Therapists and Coaches SHOP

Level 3: NLP Practitioner Diploma. (Different content to the video based course). SHOP

Level 3: Anxiety and Phobia Diploma SHOP

Level 3: Addictions Diploma. (Emphasis on alcohol and drugs) SHOP

Level 3: Eating Disorders – Awareness and information Diploma SHOP

Level 3: Diabetes Awareness Diploma SHOP