Level 3: Home Study NLP Practitioner Course.

This NLP Practitioner Course is accredited by ACCPH at Level 3.

This a Therapeutic NLP Practitioner Course. It is not a business based course. We do not do NLP sales and persuasion courses.

The four days of training were recorded on a commissioned course. The attendees could only do weekdays. They all had problems and wanted them resolved on the course.

You will see me working on their issues during the days of the course. These are real problems being resolved by NLP. Many of the techniques are not usually demonstrated on courses.

There is also a compilation video added to the course with techniques from other training sessions. This is so that you do not miss out on the ones not used during the four days.

They have accredited this course as Level 3. Visit ACCPH


Home Study NLP Practitioner Course

This set consists of 12 recordings of live training sessions with Richard. Along with course texts and BONUS materials. This was all recorded live during

Home study NLP Practitioner course

an original NLP Practitioners training course*. The course is supplied on a Flash Drive not physical DVDs.

Nothing is missing, you get the whole NLP Practitioner course. The only part not included are the practice sessions of the attendees. (As these contain private details, etc.).

The final recording is of useful techniques from other courses.

NLP Practitioners usually earn over £75 per hour.


Materials for the Home Study NLP Practitioner Course

You will receive on a Flash Drive;

  • 12 videos of live training sessions with Richard Wain. Videos are in mp4 format which will play on all computers.
  • course manual containing over 160 pages as a pdf
  • an NLP textbook as a pdf, many NLP pdf’s and Word documents

BONUS: As well as all the course materials you will get a ready-made NLP course you can deliver. E.g. to companies for hundreds of pounds a day. Many companies employ NLP coaches to boost productivity. Or they want to know how to use NLP so they can work with the techniques in house.

Lots of free marketing information.

I used to deliver this course for £995 a day.


Graphic showing NLP Practitioner course in words

Home study NLP Practitioner course





Qualification for the Home Study NLP Practitioner

You will receive the following:

  • Level 3 NLP Practitioner Diploma from Cressingham Coaching Academy
  • Level 3 NLP Practitioner Diploma from ACCPH

Basic Ericksonian language patterns are learned within the NLP Practitioner training as part of the whole course. This NLP Practitioner training is based on the parts of NLP useful for therapy.

It is really a Therapeutic NLP Practitioner course.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy uses indirect suggestions as they are much harder to resist, since they are frequently not recognised by the conscious mind as suggestions. This is because they are usually disguised as stories or metaphors.

From the Therapeutic NLP Practitioner course we will learn the importance of:

In the 1950s, Milton H. Erickson developed a radically different approach to hypnotism, which has subsequently become known as Ericksonian hypnotherapy or Neo-Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Erickson made use of an informal conversational approach with many clients and complex language patterns, and therapeutic strategies. The effects of which are rapid and very powerful.

Home Study NLP Practitioner Course Content

  • Anchoring
  • Calibration Skills
  • Change Personal History
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Conversational Hypnosis
  • Decision Conditioning
  • Embedded Commands
  • Ericksonian Language Patterns
  • Eye Accessing Cues
  • Future Pacing
  • Logical Levels
  • Matching & Mirroring
  • Mapping Across
  • Maps & Filters
  • Meta Model
  • Meta Programs
  • Milton Model
  • Modelling
  • Nested Loops
  • Parts Work
  • Pattern Interrupts and Symptom Scrambling Techniques
  • Perceptual Positions
  • Reframing
  • Representational Systems
  • Six Step Reframing and newer versions
  • Sensory Acuity
  • Sleight of Mouth Patterns
  • State Elicitation
  • Swish Patterns
  • Time Based Therapy
  • Visual-kinaesthetic Dissociation
  • Visual Squash ……plus much more.


Below is the course content in more detail

The building blocks of NLP

  • NLP Modelling – The essence of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Classic Code & New Code NLP – a Definition
  • Empowering beliefs – Experience and interact with the world around you in a new powerful way
  • NLP Epistemology and communication model – Understand how we really communicate with others and ensure you always get your message across.
  • Discover and take control of the links between your mind and body

Representational System

  • Learn how you and others represent the world through the five senses. (VAKOG) and how you can communicate with them in their language
  • Learn how to mirror/match another person’s preferred system.
  • Then create a deeper sense of empathy and understanding.
  • For those involved in communicating ideas to a team or individual this very powerful.
  • Read another persons eye movements to discover how they are thinking

Well Formed Outcomes

  • Ask simple but powerful questions. These will ‘force’ your colleagues or clients to focus on their tasks or objectives.
  • Setting goals and outcomes for personal and professional success
  • Use language to assist others in understanding what they really want and how to set goals to achieve their desires

Language and Influence

  • Learn to use language with awareness, elegance and precision.
  • Develop powerful ways to overcome problems. Or gain agreement from an objector within minutes by negotiating a solution.
  • Learn language patterns that allow you to lead and motivate others.
  • Ask specific questions that get to the root of any problem.

Taking control of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

  • Create powerful mental resource states to maximise your own and others performance.
  • Discover your brain’s programming language. Then use it to change unwanted habits, beliefs and behaviours.
  • Remove Stress and influence others to do likewise.


  • Understand the process of belief change and practice on yourself.
  • Drop self-limiting beliefs and replace them with new empowering ones.
  • Learn how to set goals for yourself and others in a way that makes consistent action on any given problem. This is useful in roles such as management, coaching and therapy. And if you run your own business. It is incredibly useful in your personal life too.

Rapport – the power of persuasion and influence

  • Build Rapport rapidly
  • Discover the real secrets to body language
  • Utilising body language and matching physiology for instant connection with others
  • Building rapport through your voice – essential telephone skills
  • Negotiate effectively
  • Learn powerful ways to get on the same wavelength as other people. And build even more productive and fruitful relationships.
  • A necessity for those involved in therapy, management, teaching, training, coaching and counselling

Sub-modalities – The coding of our experience

  • Learn how to use your brain’s programming language
  • Beliefs – the key to action and how to change limiting beliefs
  • Change your internal representations using sub-modalities to quickly change unwanted feelings and behaviours
  • Use powerful patterns to rapidly break unwanted habits

Language Patterns – The use of our linguistic representations to achieve any outcome

  • Discover how to use language patterns to communicate consciously and unconsciously with yourself and others
  • Use language to gain greater recognition of your messages from others
  • Use specific questions to reveal vital information
  • Challenge and overcome objections by using language to influence and negotiate gracefully
  • Ask the right question to get to the very source of a problem
  • Language for powerful sales


  • Create resourceful anchors to enable you to change the way you feel anytime you like
  • Collapse anchors to remove the bad feelings from past experiences
  • Refine your anchoring skills to create motivational resources
  • Use anchors to access high performance states
  • Use anchors to access calming states

Strategies – a modelling tool

  • Discover and utilise someone’s decision making strategy
  • Find out how your customer’s decides to buy and fine tune your sales process to precisely match their buying strategy
  • Change strategies to produce new behaviours and improved results

Integration – Personal congruence and focus

  • Learn how to resolve internal conflicts and gain congruence and understanding

Time Based Techniques

  • This is often the key to releasing the past and creating the future for healthy and more fulfilled lives



There are no final exams for Hypnotherapy for children and adolescents

Hypnotherapy for children and adolescents standards of training includes a portfolio of evidence Assessments

There is a final written exam at the end of the NLP Practitioner course. Assessment is throughout the course  through your homework answers.

You will have feedback throughout the course. If you are having problems they will discuss them with you – we want you to pass. You must complete all elements of the course before your diploma can be awarded.

You will not get your qualification until all coursework is to the required standard. The time limit on this course is 12 months but do not use this as an excuse to not complete homework assessments. Once you get behind it becomes more difficult to complete the work required.

You will need retain a portfolio of your recordings, scripts and question answers. This is for possible moderation by a representative of ACCPH. This portfolio should be digital not paper based.

You will also learn many other things on this course that will enhance your life. And the lives of those around you.


Method of Study

The course comes to you as a complete pdf-based manual with recordings of 4 days of previous live training. There are other written materials too.

You watch the videos and have the other materials to hand. If you have the exam open at the same time you can answer the questions. And complete the assignments as you go.


Your investment

Level 3 Diploma NLP Practitioner Course

4 days of recorded live training delivered as home study is only £295

Purchase via the shop.