Home Study Courses

All Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy Home Study courses are Accredited or Validated by ACCPH.

We have not listed the home study courses here. They are all listed in the Shop for you to browse at your leisure.

Our Home Study courses are in predominantly in text format. There are some that are video recordings of actual live workshops or courses.

We no longer send out DVD as physical products anymore. They come on a Flash drive which is posted to you. Over time all these video and other home

Girl doing home study courses

Home study courses taken at your speed and convenience

study courses will be available in an online system.

Text based courses arrive in pdf format direct to your email address.

ACCPH Accredits our courses at Level 2, 3 or 4. The shorter ones are Validated as CPD.

All short CPD course will come with a pre-signed certificate pdf for you to print off.

All courses with an accreditation are available with or without an exam/assessment. Those without an exam are cheaper and will include a pre-signed certificate pdf for you to print off.

Those with an exam/assessment are more expensive. Complete the exam/assessment to the correct level and you will receive a diploma. The diploma is printed on quality paper and has the level for your course included. It is posted to you in a carded envelope to keep it flat for you to display to your clients.

Full details of each course is available on its webpage.

Many of the home study courses are not directly hypnotherapy based. They are in an information or awareness format similar to counselling, coaching  or psychotherapy. The information is useful when helping clients during hypnotherapy sessions. Every hypnotherapist works their own way. So will take the knowledge and use it their way in their therapy sessions.

They also allow you to become a ‘local expert’ in that particular field of work. Clients love to go to an expert rather than a generalist.