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Introducing our Clinical Hypnotherapy Course 

Special Price of £995

The Clinical Hypnotherapy Course is accredited by ACCPH and will allow you to practice as a qualified hypnotherapist on completion of the course.

It has all the hypnotherapy content of the National Occupational Standards and Core Curriculum.

The course is completed over just 6 intensive  weekends 4 weeks apart.

You will complete much of the theory at home. A significant amount of teaching time will be on hypnotherapy practical. You need supervised practice to become a brilliant hypnotherapist.

It includes the complete NLP Practitioner home study course. This is 4 days of Therapeutic NLP training recorded live. You get all the materials the people on the course got plus the recordings to watch over and over again.

Benefits of this Clinical Hypnotherapy Course

  • Different income streams – clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner
  • Nationally recognised qualifications
  • Cressinghams discounted insurance scheme
  • Accredited membership of the professional body  ACCPH. And the full range of benefits these offer their member.
  • Your first year of membership of ACCPH is included FREE
  • 1 year full back-up and support after graduation

How do you learn on the Clinical Hypnotherapy Course ?

Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training course

We go from basics – on Day 1 we assume you have no hypnotherapy or psychology skills at all. That is how we prefer it. We start you off on basic Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner skills. After some days of training we move up to higher level work. Your are training gives you every skill, technique, template and protocol you need. You will learn all that you need for the ACCPH accreditation and so much more on top.

You are not overburdened with loads of out-of-date psychological theory. You get everything you need to be a Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

On your first day you will experience a hypnotic trance. You will learn how to hypnotise other people on the course – and do it. You will be hypnotised by a fellow student on weekend 1. Not weeks into the course. On the first Sunday you will be using a basic metaphor hypnotherapy script to your ‘client’.

This course moves fast and to CCH Practice Makes Perfect. To us PMP is one of our mantras.

What you get on the Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

You will be teaching of some theory during the course. But quite a lot of the classroom time for demonstrations and your practice time. Much of the theory is home study in your own time from the 20 manuals and recordings provided. These videos are from previous courses; so it is as if you were in that lesson as part of the group.

They are the equal to about 6 weekends worth of live previous hypnotherapy training. Plus 2 weekends of the NLP Practitioner course. So all-in-all you get about of 16 days of training to watch as many times as you like.

The videos are on an external drive. This will also include pdfs’ of the manuals, pdf’s of scripts for many problems. There an assortment of ‘Bonus’ items that will be of use to you.

The first manual is ready printed and put in a folder and presented to you on the first day. All other manuals are as pdf’s. You can print them or follow on a tablet or laptop.

The NLP manual is not printed as much of this work is home study.

Demonstrations – you will to take part at some point. You will also have to take part in student practice. Being hypnotised by a fellow student part of the course. As is hypnotising them. You are observed during these sessions.

Why this Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course is different to most others?

This Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Course is our own. Being written by Richard Wain, for Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy. We do not teach a ‘bought in’ course written by someone else years ago.

The course is revised all the time. Until recently this course had 15 modules we now have 20 due to being rewritten and much more content added.

Full details of the course are HERE

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