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Children’s Hypnotherapy Trainers Programme

Level 5 Children's Hypnotherapy Trainers Programme

This Children's Hypnotherapy Trainers Programme is only available to tutors of hypnotherapy training organisations.

I may allow some exceptions. For someone has teaching experience or delivered business or coach training to groups. All students must have completed the Children’s Hypnotherapy Practitioners course.

Image of boy having Children's Hypnotherapy Trainers programme

Children's Hypnotherapy Trainers Programme. Help others to help him

There must be no less than 3 months between the two programmes. You must supply evidence that you have worked with at least 12 children or adolescents.

After completing the programme you will be a Licensed Children’s Hypnotherapy Trainer.

How the Children’s Hypnotherapy Trainers Programme works.

You get your own designated area. No other Children’s Hypnotherapy trainers can advertise within.

You will get the right to use:

  • all 8 of the copyrighted manuals
  • other materials – slides, PowerPoints, etc

used on the Children’s Hypnotherapy Practitioners Programme

These are not editable and are to used exactly as the same as when used to train you. Your teaching style may be different. But you cannot amend the content of materials in any way.

You may not sell any of the course materials other than within the course.

You must run the course at least once per annum. This may be a combined with a hypnotherapy practitioner course. Or as a separate Level 5 Programme in its own right. You may run more than the one course per year.

You must publish your dates on your website and inform Children’s Hypnotherapy of them.

Only Children’s Hypnotherapy will issue the graduate’s diplomas.

You will get a whole page profile on Children’s Hypnotherapy website. Please link this to your website and social media accounts to prove you are legitimate. You will also get another listing on our Regional Training Provider Directory.

You will get logos that state you are a Licensed Children’s Hypnotherapy Trainer.

You can advertise the Children’s Hypnotherapy Practitioners Programme in any legitimate way.

Children’s Hypnotherapy Practitioners Programme price will be the same nationwide. There can be no variations or special offers. It must be a level playing field.

All new students will join via the Children’s Hypnotherapy website. And become registered with us straight away. We will vet their suitability so you do not have to do all the checks. You will know everyone on your course is fit to do it.

The following will apply to all Children’s Hypnotherapy Trainers. We charge a 15% commission on all fees collected. CH will transfer the 85% balance at the end of each month. This will be by bank transfer. This applies to payments in full and part payments.

It will also apply to any refunds issued.

There is an annual License fee to maintain your own specific reserved area.

You will be bound by a legal binding Children’s Hypnotherapy Trainers Programme Licensee Contract. The contract is a rolling annual one based on payment of the annual License fee.

Course overview


Attended and completed the Children’s Hypnotherapy Programme

Provided evidence of working with 12 or more children and adolescents.

2 Days of Training

During these two days you will teach the rest of group part of the Children’s Hypnotherapy course. This will be for a period of about one hour. There will be a list of 10 subjects to study up on and write a lesson plan for.

The topic you are to teach will be ‘pulled from the hat’ on the day. You will submit all 10 of your lesson plans for assessment as well as the one you teach.

You may only use the Children’s Hypnotherapy materials to work from. How you deliver the lesson – person style, format, etc will be down to your person choices.

There will be time allocated for group and tutor feedback after each lesson. Q&A’s if required. We can all learn from feedback. But we all learn from other people methods of teaching that work well and those that do not.

There will be no more than 10 trainees in this group.


How to join and what to do.

You may enrol as soon as you like. So long as you have completed the Children’s Hypnotherapy Practitioner Programme. You do not have to enrol for a particular training course. You only choose this when you are ready to do so.

Remember: You need to complete the therapy sessions with 12 children or adolescents. And submit the evidence before attending the training.

You need to have your 10 lesson plans prepared before attending your chosen course. You must submit these plans a few days before the course. This gives us time to assess them before you arrive. It will be impossible to assess them over the 2 days of attendance.

Course duration:

2 days; mid-week.

Course times:

9.30am – 5.30pm. Breaks and lunch at suitable times 


Crown House, Home Gardens, Dartford, DA1 1DZ

Dates 2020:

CT1: August 6-7 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Your Investment:

Children’s Hypnotherapy Trainers Licensing course £295

Young girl using the Children's Hypnotherapy Trainers Programme

Children's Hypnotherapy Trainers Programme Helping her to be a superhero

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