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Children’s Hypnotherapy Programme: Level 5

Children's Hypnotherapy is attracting a great deal of interest at the moment. But there is very little substantial training for practitioners. Remedy it is situation by taking this Children’s Hypnotherapy programme .

It is a Post-graduate programme. Written on the back of around 20 years of experience in this area of hypnotherapy. But also on the back of me being a Teacher of Science and A Level Psychology since 1994. I have real credentials in the area of practical child and teenager therapy.

Most hypnotherapy for children courses available appear to be a few videos. Or a 1-2 day workshop or a book of prewritten scripts designed to read to children.

These courses, I am sure, are quite good. But they are not in depth and give enough knowledge to be a true specialist in this niche area.

The full title of the course is:

Level 5: Post-Graduate Diploma Hypnotherapy for Children and Adolescents

As this is a little long I will refer to it Children's Hypnotherapy Programme.

How do I define children?

Anyone between the ages of 6 – 17 years of age. So it does include teenagers as well.

ACCPH accredit this Post-Graduate Diploma in Children's Hypnotherapy . And it is acceptable as CPD by all major hypnotherapy organisations.

Over the years I have written many 1-2 day workshops. Also Home Study

Children's hypnotherapy on wooden blocks

Children's hypnotherapy is used to help children feel better quickly

courses that have include child centred work. But they have never been brought together and enhanced in detail. They now make a substantive hypnotherapy, therapy and Coaching course for Children. The idea is turn you into a very adept therapist that help in more than one hypnotherapy approach.


Prerequisites for the Children’s Hypnotherapy Programme

A recognised qualification as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner. A desire to change the lives of children – to turn them into ‘superheroes’.

How long is this Level 5 Post-graduate Children's Hypnotherapy Programme?

The attendance part is 10 days long – 5 weekends 4 weeks apart. But; due to the amount of time required for self study and practice sessions you get 12 months to complete.

It is a very in depth programme. And there is quite a bit of self-directed learning between the weekends.

You will receive 65 hours of classroom teaching. There is a minimum of 315 hours of estimated time required to complete the course.

What are you going to do on the Children's Hypnotherapy Programme?

You are going to study:

Day 1: Introduction to the course. And standard “Old School” Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for Children and Adolescents. Using standard scripts.

Day 2: Enhanced Metaphor work – with and without scripts.*

How to write personalised therapeutic stories and metaphors. The Neuroscience behind Story-telling. And how the human brain is ‘hard-wired’ to react to stories.

Days 3 – 4: Child Psychology and Developmental Psychology*

Day 5: Consolidation of the first 4 days into an incredible system of hypnotherapy

Day 6 – 10: Child Psychology:

  • Child development
  • Building confident kids
  • Eating disorders, food and weight issues of children and teenagers
  • Dysfunctional family dynamics
  • The importance of children’s friendships and relationships
  • Advanced Conversational Hypnosis and other techniques for children and adolescents
  • Working with and Coaching children and adolescents*

and so much more.

Options for the final modules

You will have to undertake the study of 2 specialist areas. There are 4 options to choose from. These are ACCPH accredited Level 3 courses for working children and teenagers. These two courses replace the 2 research project usually required by ACCPH for a Level 5 course.

#The Counselling Children and Adolescents is a Level 4 course. And can study this instead of two Level 3 courses.

  • Mindfulness for Children and Adolescents
  • EFT for Children and Adolescents
  • Play Therapy for Children
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability, (SEN
  • #Counselling Children and Adolescents

*These days are based on individual accredited courses that are available on this website. You will get these course manuals as part of your training and be completing some Home Study from them. Most have been rewritten for this course. Full details of each course are on its listing on this website.

The Coaching Children and Young Adults course contains elements covered on other days. But includes a great deal not covered elsewhere. This course assumes that you have some coaching skills. If you don’t do not worry. Throughout the course I will be using these skills and providing explanatory materials.

image of relaxing girl during children's hypnotherapy

Children's hypnotherapy has helped this girl to relax and get rid of stress

What are you going to get on this course?

You will get the manuals totalling over 700 pages of solid information. The only one printed for you is Weekend 1. All the rest are supplied as pdf’s. You can print them if you wish or bring a tablet/laptop to follow the course on. They are not supplied at the beginning of the course – they are given as required. (If you pay in full you may ask for all the course materials).

This is a Level 5 course and is set at that difficulty. All the work has to be completed to pass.

This includes:

  • 30 ‘supervised’ practice sessions. These are can be practice on a teddy bear, the cat but some must be anyone 6-17 years of age. These must be either written up or audio recorded for marking and critique.
  • A portfolio of evidence must be kept – I will explain it on Day 1
  • The usual self-guided study expected of a Level 5 post-grad. courseTake a Safeguarding Children course and get a certificate before the end of the course. (An excellent one is recommended on the course – about £30). A completion certificate must be in your portfolio of evidence. Parents appreciate this. Schools will need it
  • You will not complete the 2 research essays
  • It is a requirement that you join Children’s Hypnotherapy as an Licenced Senior Practitioner. (Membership is required to maintain your Licenced status). Without membership you are not be permitted to use your qualification. Especially in any advertising or services in any format what-so-ever.

At the end of the programme you will also be able to join ACCPH as a Senior Member. You will also be an Accredited Supervisor for ACCPH in your locality. You will be a specialist in Children and Adolescents. (You can decline the Supervisor role).

Children's Hypnotherapy will give you a free profile page on their website. So will ACCPH. Link them to your website and social media. This will allow parents/clients to check you out before they call you.

Visit the Children's Hypnotherapy website HERE.


image of an assessemnt form

Children's hypnotherapy assessment. There is no final test

There is no final written exam at the end of the Diploma Children's Hypnotherapy Programme. Assessment is throughout the course by direct observation of your performance. Also through your homework answers and recordings. Most modules have written assessmen to complete. All Level 3/4 courses have module assessments to complete

You will have feedback throughout the course. If you are having problems they will discuss them with you – we want you to pass. You must complete all elements of the course before your diploma can be awarded.

You will not get your qualification until all coursework is to the required standard. The time limit on this course is 12 months but do not use this as an excuse to not complete homework and assessments. Once you get behind it becomes more difficult to complete the work required.

You will need retain a portfolio of your recordings, scripts and question answers. This is for possible moderation by a representative of ACCPH. This portfolio should be digital not paper based.


What qualifications will you get?

You will get

Level 5 Hypnotherapy for children and adolescents

Level 3 Child Psychology

Level 3 Coaching Children and Adolescents

Plus 2 of the 5 optional Level 3 courses


Level 5 Hypnotherapy for children and adolescents

Level 3 Child Psychology

Level 3 Coaching Children and Adolescents

Level 4 Counselling Children and Adolescents

Course duration:

The attendance part is 10 days long - 5 weekends 4 weeks apart. However; due to the amount of time required for self study and practice sessions you get 12 months to complete all the work.

You will receive 65 hours of classroom teaching. There is a total of 315 hours for the course. (Estimated time required to complete the course).

It is a very in depth and there is quite a bit of self-directed learning between the weekends and after the attendance hours are completed.

Course times:

9.30am – 5.00pm. Breaks and lunch at suitable times



Crown House, Home Gardens, Dartford, DA1 1DZ


Dates 2019:

CH1: Jan 5-6;  Feb 2-3;  March 2-3 and 30-31;  April 27-28.

CH2: June 22-23;  July 20-21;  Aug 17-18;  Sept 14-15;  Oct 12-13.


Dates 2020:


Your Investment:

Level 5: Post-Graduate Diploma Hypnotherapy for Children and Adolescents

Standard Price £1,250. Introductory Price £995

This offer is available to the first 20 applicants on a first come first served basis. Pay in full or the deposit to hold your place

Pay-as-you-go Plan

We are not credit agents so cannot offer instalment payments. However; you can pay for your modules as you go. There are 8 modules - your deposit pays for your registration for the course. Each payment after that pays for two modules. You will get the two modules on the Saturday of each weekend. If they are needed for home study prior to the weekend they will be provided earlier.

You only have to give a months notice to quit the course and there are no penalty fees to be paid.

Deposit £195.     Plus 4 module payments of £200.     Total £995.

First module payment will be on Day 1 of the course and each course weekend thereafter.

Go to the SHOP to purchase this course.

You may also pay by cash, PayPal Send Money, PayPal Recurring Payment or PayPal Invoice. You do not need a PayPal account for Recurring payments or PayPal invoice.

For your security we no longer take card payments in person or on the phone.

This course is also available as a Combined Programme with the Responsive Hypnotherapy Practitioner. It is over 12 months and especially designed for those with no hypnotherapy training. Details here.

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