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Level 5: Clinical Hypnotherapy in Education Programme, (CHEP)

This CHEP page is being updated. Most of the information is being worked on  at the moment.

CHEP Clinical Hypnotherapy in Education Programme – this is a 2 day training course. It is for qualified Children’s Hypnotherapy Practitioners only. The use of clinical hypnotherapy in schools is increasing year upon year. And is an incredible untapped area of growth. All hypnotherapists should consider entering this area of work.

The design of this course to enable attendees to:

Image of children attending CHEP

CHEP. Clinical Hypnotherapy in Education Programme

  • have all information they need to be able to contact the right people in education in the right way. (There are many wrong ways).
  • have template contact documents to edit to fit their requirements
  • have editable template contracts to use with schools/colleges
  • have template contracts for parents/guardians/care givers to sign
  • have information leaflets to edit and distributed

And so much more.

The Clinical Hypnotherapy in Education Programme is versatile. And can include other modes of working with kids. Due to this versatility it can help a huge range of pupils. These kids can have different problems and ages. We can help them all, (in theory). As with all therapies it will only work so long as they want the help and are a willing participant.

There are some limiting factors that may need to be overcome. Getting schools and parents on board with hypnotherapy can be tricky. There are a great many misconceptions and prejudices about hypnotherapy. When handled the right way these are soon overcome.

Especially when teachers, parents and children realise:

  • there is no deep trance/sleep
  • no controlling the children
  • no analysing of problems
  • most of the work is through stories and metaphors

It is my belief that no child under 6 years of age should have hypnotherapy. Their language skills are usually not high enough. There are many 6 year olds still who need more mature language skills.

CHEP is often very effective with pupils who can’t express their emotions or feelings. Or actually don’t like talking about their problems. This is something that counselling sort of forces them to do. For these kids Clinical hypnotherapy in schools could be the answer.

CHEP is very good for those who have tried counselling or psychotherapy and had no success. Children and adolescents sometimes find hypnotherapy as something ‘different’. It is not the usual talking platitudes and interventions. Many kids are much more open to hypnotherapy as it can offer a them the chance of a different outcome.

The same will apply to EFT, etc.

Price to become a Licenced CHEP Practitioner £295

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