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Advanced Training is our Standard

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Level 4 and 5 Hypnotherapy Training Courses at Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy

Our two missions are:

To get hypnotherapy for children to be available in every school and college in the UK. We will do this via the Children's Hypnotherapy Programme.

To help the people of the UK get rid of their problems in one, (maybe two) sessions of NeuroHack Therapy. An advanced Neuroscience based therapy.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Courses

Advanced Hypnotherapy is our Standard. Our standard is well above most other schools best courses. Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy prides itself on having cutting-edge training based on research and how the mind actually works. We are not stuck in a time-warp using out-of-date psychological approaches.

Home Study Life Coach Course by distance learning

Level 5 Children's Hypnotherapy Programme

If hypnotherapy for children and adolescents is a niche you are interested in. The Children's Hypnotherapy Programme is for you. It is for two groups of people. Those who are already qualified clinical hypnotherapists. And those with no hypnotherapy training what-so-ever - we train you from scratch.

Ideal for teachers, youth workers, school mentors and many other professions or people who want a career change.

Level 5 NeuroHack Therapy Programme

The NeuroHack Therapy Programme can be done in light trance or even open-eyed. It is effective even when used content free. Many people are 'sorted' after only one session. Usually with no pain and no certainly no digging into the past.

Researched and developed using Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology, Quantum Concepts and other mind-body connections.

Celebrating 10 Years of Research and Advancement in Hypnotherapy Training Courses and Programmes

Further down the page are introductions to our two Flagship Hypnotherapy Training Courses. They are accredited at Level 5. Both are Post-graduate training programmes built on many years of research and improvement.

There are Combined Programmes for those with no hypnotherapy training so that they can become

Children's Hypnotherapists or NeuroHack Therapy Practitioners.

Advanced Training is our Standard Training.

Please note this site is undergoing restructuring and some areas may not be complete - such as the Shop. Please call for information if it is not available.

Six different Level 5 Post-graduate Hypnotherapy Training Courses

NeuroHack Therapy Programme

Combined Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner with NeuroHack Therapy

Children's Hypnotherapy Programme

Combined Responsive Hypnotherapy Practitioner with Children's Hypnotherapy Programme

Children's Hypnotherapy Trainers Programme

CHEP - Children's Hypnotherapy in Education Programme

Three different Level 4 Hypnotherapy Practitioner Programmes

Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner This is our 20 module standard practitioner course.

Responsive Hypnotherapy Practitioner This is a more advanced form of clinical hypnotherapy that contains some of the NeuroHack Therapy techniques.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy with Master NLP Practitioner A very powerful combination of the best of Ericksonian Conversational Hypnotherapy with advanced NLP Techniques

Many Level 2-4 Accredited Home Study Courses plus Validated CPD

We have an ever expanding range of accredited Level 2, 3 and 4 diploma and certificate courses.

We also have a selection of Validated CPD courses.

Many of these courses are designed to be qualifications in their own right. This enables a graduate to be a niche expert to gain more clients. But a significant number are written in an information or awareness style. This allows the practitioner to gain knowledge and use it in their way with their clients.

So you are still reading this page.

Then you are interested in becoming a highly competent hypnotherapist; well done. You have made the first step toward the most rewarding vocational lifestyle today.

We are all different and need to learn in different ways. No matter what your learning style is you cannot learn hypnotherapy online. The teaching has to be face-to-face in a classroom. There has to be lots of time set aside for supervised peer practice. At Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy we do that. By delivering all courses in a variety of teaching styles we can fit everyone's learning style.

CCH offers hypnotherapy training courses from the ‘bog standard’ Level 4 clinical hypnotherapy practitioner. Up to some very advanced programmes built round:

  • Neuroscience
  • Neuropsychology
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Neuro-metaphors
  • and other incredible processes.

When I design new hypnotherapy programmes I am determined not to offer ‘bog standard’ - I am aiming for innovation. Most hypnotherapy teaching was designed last century. And has moved forward very little with modern knowledge. Being mired in ‘Old World’ practice and dogma they are lagging behind.

But to be able to learn the more advanced practices you must master the ‘bog standard’ basics. After that you can excel by attending the more advanced courses and learning so much more.

We do not intend to be the biggest hypnotherapy training college

However; we do intend to be one of the best. Each student is mentored throughout the course. As well as direct access to the lead trainer, so your questions are always answered. You will find our support, both during and after the course, to be second to none.

In the wider picture we have a mission to explore the potential of this exciting field. To make the public more aware of the power each of us has within us to regain our mental health. And to discover the untapped potential that can make our lives extraordinary. Our graduates are a vital means to achieve this education.

I have an absolute passion for helping people to be the best they can be - as a person and as a therapist. I suspect that you share this passion or you would not be reading this. I know that people can change their minds in milliseconds. Even about deep psychological issues. It does not take weeks to sort out an anxiety or phobia. Elimination occurs in 1-2 hours of high powered techniques.

Most hypnotherapy schools do not teach these phenomenal ways of helping people. They have not learned them or do not believe in them. You will have to ask them why, but I suspect the reason is their adherence to "Old World" psychological dogma.

Modern scientific work is proving that so much of the 'stuff' I was taught from 1980 onwards is rubbish. (That is my honest personal opinion, many will disagree).

So I have set out on a course to help therapists get past all this old hat stuff. And become an up-to-date hypnotherapist.

Be the 'go to' hypnotherapist in your area become a NeuroHack Therapy Practitioner or a specialist in Children's Hypnotherapy. You can be the person that changes peoples lives.

NeuroHack Therapy ©.

There are some hypnotherapy training courses available that claim to be based on research and neuroscience. Some of these are quite good. Some are based on very poorly conducted research that is disputed by most other scientists as they find it impossible to replicate the results. Some courses take ages to complete as you have to pass through several levels before you can gain all the information. This can take 1-2 years.

Logo for NeuroHack Therapy

NeuroHack Therapy Helping Minds work better

At Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy we do not mess about. NeuroHack Therapy teaches you everything in just 16 weeks and 2 days. (5 weekends 4 weeks apart). You will learn to help people in ‘record’ time. Most people for most things in a single 1-2 hour session. This can be open eyed work or just light trance. (No deep trances used). No scripts. There is a loose protocol to follow with over 30 ‘techniques’ to use within it.

Click here NeuroHack Therapy to go straight to the course page.

Children’s Hypnotherapy Programme ©

There is a great deal of interest in hypnotherapy for children and adolescents. But there is very little substantial training for practitioners. Most courses are 1 day CPD or a few recordings online. If you think that is enough training to work with children you are deluding yourself. Children’s brains, emotions and behaviours are very different to adults.

Childrens Hypnotherapy logo for website

Childrens Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapy for Children and Adolescents

The Children’s Hypnotherapy post-graduate hypnotherapy training course is 10 days in length. (5 weekends 4 weeks apart). This programme gives you an incredible understanding of how children really think, feel and behave. If you try to work with a child the same as an adult you will almost certainly not get the results you are wishing for.

It also includes a choice of other therapies and coaching. So that if hypnotherapy is not right for a particular child you will be able to use a different approach and retain the client.

Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy has a specialist site with a huge amount of information and courses based around working with children and adolescents. The site can be visited here Children’s Hypnotherapy. 

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