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Level 4 Responsive hypnotherapy
Responsive Hypnotherapy – Level 4 Advanced hypnotherapy







Responsive Hypnotherapy information page explains all the information you need to know about this Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy course.

GHR accredits this course and ACCPH accredits this course at Level 4. You can join their register as an Accredited Member.

We believe the Level 4 Responsive Hypnotherapy course is the next step to take. It is one of the most in depth and advanced courses available in the UK today.

Benefits of this course

There are many benefits available to CCH graduates from the Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner including:

  • Different income streams – Advanced clinical hypnotherapist and 5 Niche market specialisms
  • Accredited qualification at Level 4
  • Cressinghams discounted insurance scheme
  • Professional membership, ACCPH
  • 1 year full back-up and support after graduation
  • Discounted monthly group supervision sessions, (2 hours in the evening)
  • discounts on all Cressingham CPD courses

Course Units

Unit 1: 2 days Learning the techniques, templates and protocols involved in Responsive Hypnotherapy

Unit 2: 1 day Weight Loss and Gastric Band

Units: 3-5

The over the next 3 days you will study Units 3-5.  There are recording of actual treatments that we will be watching. You will be taking these away to practice from. There is some theory learning as well.

You will also receive a Level 3 course manual for each of the specialist areas to study at your own speed.

(If you wish to complete the optional exam provided there is a marking and issue fee for each diploma of £50).

Unit 3: Addictions and Smoking

Unit 4: Anxiety and Phobia

Unit 5: Eating Disorders

Unit 6: Stress and Anger

(These courses are available at the full price in the shop. They are £195 each, so you can see this course is quite a bargain. These 4 courses are £780 alone. Full details of each of these courses is to be found in the shop, there is too much to put on just one page).


What is Responsive Hypnotherapy?

The basic premise of this type of work is that people can change their mind fast. It does not take weeks to change your mind – it takes seconds. When someone is ready they can let go and feel the changes as they happen.

Much of this work is in a rather light and natural trance. The induction used is something the client already has in their mind that makes them chilled out. Usually the client enters a deeper state of their own non-conscious volition. This process is natural, indirect, conversational and non-threatening to the client.

Responsive Hypnotherapy does not look at the client’s past nor analyse why they feel the way they do.  It focuses on what is happening now, how to move the client on to a predetermined and positive outcome. Painful abreactions rarely occur. This was one of the main driving forces behind the creation of this style of hypnotherapy.

Another important factor in the creation of this approach is the speed of efficacy. Most problems eliminated for most people in one or two sessions. Even three or four issues at the same time!

Every client is unique so the path to the future is different too. There are no scripts to follow only the needs of the client’s map of their changing world. The hypnotherapist is a highly skilled interactive guide.

He or she is not a dictator, provider of suggestions, giver of information or reader of a script.

You will need to be able to tell a story, non-scripted with all the elements your client needs to make changes. The techniques and protocols provided rely on this.

The hypnotherapist requires a significant degree of intuitive understanding. They observe their client. identify the client’s modes of communication – as verbal, nonverbal. And accepts their interpretation of reality.

The hypnotherapist quite rapidly helps the client to change their thoughts, emotions and behaviours. By using the specialised techniques they will be learning. During the process the client draws on the talents they already have. And use these to feel and live the changes as they happen.


How does Responsive Hypnotherapy work?

The process is in a style that is non-rigid, fluid and responsive to the needs of the client. It is almost totally client led so is easy and meets little psychological resistance. The mind is not forced or coerced in any way. Self-created changes are far more powerful that given suggestions.

This is like Aikido. Force is not met with counterforce but is diverted to new directions.

In Responsive Hypnotherapy the ‘negative energy’ of the client’s thoughts and behaviours is used.  They use it positively to help the transformation to happen.

Responsive Hypnotherapy takes the following as read: that most if not all our negative beliefs are ‘self-hypnotised’ into the brain

Responsive Hypnotherapy rapidly de-hypnotises the mind. Thus enabling the client to take control of their behaviour.

Not control of their old unwanted negative behaviour – that has gone. But of their new life enhancing behaviour.

Not only are there no scripts but there is no CD to listen to for a month after. Why? There are two reasons:

  • there is no need
  • and how crap does it make your therapy sound if someone has to listen to a CD for 30 days for it to work?

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