Main Courses Attendance and Home Study

Our main courses of accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy available at the Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy. Click on the images to the left to go straight to each of the main courses.

We also offer courses in Life Coaching rom our sister site Cressingham Coaching Academy. These are at Levels 3 or 4 and can be view on their relevant pages.

There are many other courses not listed here within the shop area. Please visit the shop to see all that we sell.

We offer Clinical Hypnotherapy courses at various levels:

  • Home Study Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner with NLP. Level 3
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy with Master NLP. Level 4
  • Advanced Practitioner – Responsive Hypnotherapy© Level 4
  • The Flourish Programme© Level 5

Hypnotherapy Main Courses Progression Levels 3-5

You begin with the Level 3 course.

Level 3 ACCPH accredited Attendance Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner training course with NLP. This is our entry level hypnotherapy course. Please note when you buy the whole package it is all attendance.

When you qualify you are able to join ACCPH as an Accredited Member.

The next phase is a Level 4 course

Advanced Practitioner – Responsive Hypnotherapy©

When you qualify you are able to join ACCPH as an Accredited Member.

The final phase is a Level 5

The Flourish Programme – advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner course.

This course has two accreditations.


“The Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis course offered by the Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy has been assessed and validated at practitioner level by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Graduates are eligible for professional registration with The General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s Registering Agency), at Full Practitioner status, together with the acquisition of the industry-based award – The General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice, (GQHP)”.

This quote is from our accreditation letter from the GHSC.

The Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy Course is equal to the NVQ Level 4. And more than fulfills the criteria of National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy. Published by Skills for Health, the Government’s Sector Skills Council for Health. It also covers the  Core Curriculum agreed by the hypnotherapy organisations. (This is the benchmark for any hypnotherapy courses available in the UK).

This course also carries a Level 4 accreditation from GHR but has a Level 5 from ACCPH.

When you qualify you are able to join ACCPH as an Accredited Member and the GHR as well.


Advanced Hypnotherapy

Responsive Hypnotherapy and the Flourish Programme teach some of the most cutting-edge techniques available. Many are ‘non-trance’ and ideal for people who do not want to be in eyes closed traditional hypnosis. These techniques are a fusion of many branches of mind therapy. Including psychotherapy, Positive Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology and Neuropsychology. And help people to make dramatic changes in minutes rather than hours.


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