CPD Workshops

Our CPD Workshops are 1 or 2 days in duration. They all have a printed manual which is provided on the day. They are all validated by ACCPH CPD.

These workshops are not examined but you will get a Certificate of Completion before you leave.

ACCPH awards this course a Level 3Some of these are not directly hypnotherapy based. They are written in an information style or along the lines of counselling/psychotherapy. The

concept being that the information is very useful when helping clients during hypnotherapy sessions. Every hypnotherapist works their own way so will take the knowledge and use it their way in their therapy sessions.

Some will demonstrate hypnotherapy techniques, provide scripts or protocols to follow with your clients.

At Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy we aim to offer Master Classes rather than ‘run-of-the-mill’ courses. We tend to provide workshops that allow you to become a ‘local expert’ in that particular field of work. Clients love to go to an expert rather than a generalist.

They are all very in depth and some day workshops may take a full 8 hours to complete. 2 day courses usually have shorter days.

We will run a workshop a few times before it is dropped and replaced with a new one. This means that there is always a regular ‘supply’ of new CPD to attend and extend your knowledge. When one is dropped it is usually updated and the latest information is added, before it is available agian. This means that we always provide modern and current material in our CPD.

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