CPD Workshops

Our CPD Workshops are 1 or 2 days in duration. They all have a printed manual which is provided on the day. They are all validated by ACCPH CPD.

When you attend these workshops are not examined but you will get a Certificate of Completion before you leave.

All Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy CPD and Home Study courses are Validated by ACCPH

Validated CPD Workshops – 1-2 days in length

Some of these workshops are not directly hypnotherapy based. They are written in an information style or along the lines of counselling/psychotherapy. The concept being that the information is very useful when helping clients during hypnotherapy sessions. Every hypnotherapist works their own way so will take the knowledge and use it their way in their therapy sessions.

Some will demonstrate hypnotherapy techniques, provide scripts or protocols to follow with your clients.

They also allow you to become a ‘local expert’ in that particular field of work. Clients love to go to an expert rather than a generalist.

Home Study CPD Courses

Our Home Study CPD courses are in video or text format. They take two forms – Validated CPD for some of the shorter courses. ACCPH Accredited Level 2-4 courses.

We no longer send out DVD sets physical products anymore. they are loaded onto a Flash Drive and posted to you. Over time all of these video courses will be transferred to an online system.

(Soon you will be able to purchase an online course and get an access code to log onto the course. You will have this for life. This means whenever the course is updated you get access to the new course totally free of charge).

ACCPH Accredited Course Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy

ACCPH Level 3-5 accredited courses

Text based courses are sent as a pdf direct to your email address.


Full details of Workshops and Home Study courses is to be found on the relevant pages of this website.

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