Gastric Band Course

The Responsive Hypnotherapy© Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band Course with the Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Balloon Course

Be the first person in your area to offer the Virtual Gastric Balloon.

Investment and Dates are at the foot of this page.

Gastric Band hypnotherapy, gastric balloon

Responsive Hypnotherapy – Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band Course

The Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band Course now is part of the 4 day Post-graduate diploma – Responsive Hypnotherapy. It may be purchased as a two day stand alone Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band course. The information below is taken from the original 2 day course listing. Places may be limited by the number of people attending the whole 4 day course.

You get full training on both the virtual gastric band and balloon techniques, two procedures for the price of one!. The balloon is ideal for those only needing to loose a few stones in weight. It is not as restrictive as the band and has a slightly higher total success rate.

We live in an ‘I want it now’ instant society. The Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band Course teaches a technique which is designed to be completed in just one day – not over several weeks as in other methods. Your client can come in at 9.00am and before 2.00pm have got their food issues eliminated and a virtual gastric band or balloon fitted. People want fast results not waiting weeks to see the full effect of their treatment.

I am continually getting requests for this treatment from all over the country and as I do not travel all over to see clients I need to pass this work onto other therapists I have trained and can trust. Once you have qualified I will be passing work on to you that is outside my area.

You will see and keep copies of 3 DVDs showing the whole process treatment process with an actual client having a Cressingham System Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band ‘fitted’. The production of this set of DVDs reduces practice time as you can refer back to them at any time.

For full information on how the system works please visit the client site:

After completing the course you will get the diploma;-

1) Licenced Cressingham Institute of Clinical Hypnosis © Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band Practitioner

Cressingham gastric band hypnotherapy course

CPD Gastric Band Hypnosis training course

The Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band Course  is only available to Practitioners with qualifications from a recognised training provider.

The Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band Course covers the whole process from the initial interview right through to the hypnotic virtual gastric band or balloon ’fitting’.

Course Outline

  • History of gastric bands and virtual gastric bands
  • Why people opt for hypnotic virtual Gastric Bands/Balloons – pros and cons of real surgical and virtual Gastric Bands/Balloons
  • Initial interview – who to say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to. Many people are not able to genuinely to cope with the demands of the process. (It is far better to not take people on who will almost certainly fail – you end up giving refunds and get a poor reputation as well).
  • Understanding the psychological/emotional and physiological reasons for eating problems
  • Removing of the eating problems using  Cressingham System Hypnotherapy©
  • ‘Fitting’ the hypnotic virtual gastric band and balloons
  • Aftercare plan and support
  • Adjustments – making the stomach band ‘tighter’ or balloon ‘bigger’ if a person is not losing weight fast enough or vise vera when someone has reached their target weight and need to eat more to maintain weight but not gain any.

After the course you will be able to carry out these much in demand procedures with confidence and using a system proven to work for most people.

This is one of those courses where you can get your money back on your first client!

Materials provided: Course Manual and 3 DVD set of actual treatment being carried out.

Please bring your own notepad and writing equipment.

Intake: Maximum 12

Dates 2014:

GB 1: May 17-18

GB 2: September 20-21

Other courses may be added depending of demand

Course times:

9.30am – 5.30pm. (These are longer than usual days but the time is genuinely required. We may finish earlier on the Sunday)

Breaks and Lunch at suitable times

Investment: £250  

Payment to be complete before the course is attended.