1-2-1 Training in Hypnotherapy – The Benefits

You will get an external hard drive with days of recorded live training and treatment sessions . This consists of up to 20 days Practitioner hypnotherapy, 4 days of NLP and the Responsive Hypnotherapy course. (The content depends on the course/s you are learning). You get taught everything as if you were in the lessons. These are like having me there in yout home giving you 1-2-1 training whenever you want. You will get the course manuals; hypnotherapy plus 1 for NLP

You can ask me to clarify things you are not sure of – email or phone. I am available just about every day at some point. We may need to set a time for a phone call.

You get 1-2-1 training, (personal tuition), from me, Richard Wain. This is usually spread out over 6 – 16 weeks depending on the course you choose. We will work out the hours per day, on a set day of the week . This can be varied to suit your needs. During this time we work on your hypnotherapy practical skills – from basics to advanced skills, as required.

You will have to do practice at home as well. Home work will be set – usually recordings, script writing or treatment plans. This is all marked by me with detailed feedback. (Feedback is provided on the live courses but not as detailed as on 1-2-1 training). We will the work on any weaknesses detected.

So this is in effect another 20-30 hours of additional personal 1-2-1 tuition.

I will demonstrate each technique on you so that you can experience them. You will experience them all and will not be a guinea pig for another student.

You will practice on me or someone of your choice at home.

1-2-1 training allows us to work on your weaknesses and build on your strengths as well.

You have 12 months to complete the course – same as you would on a weekend course.

You can join the Wednesday Club FREE – this is not available free to those who complete the weekend courses.


Wednesday Club

Free membership Wednesday Club 1-2-1 training
1-2-1 Hypnotherapy training with Richard Wain

After you have completed the sessions of 1-2-1 training with Richard you will be allowed to join the exclusive Wednesday Club free for 3 months. This a group of 1-2-1 students who have all completed their face-to-face training but are still completing practical or homework. The group meets for about 3 hours, 10.00am-1.00pm to help each other and have guidance from me.

I am there to answer questions and demonstrate techniques again, or even new ones. This like having me available for an extra 3 hours per week until you fully qualify.

Some people who have qualified still pop into the group every-so-often to share their experiences.

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