1-2-1 Flourish Programme 

With this Levels 3-5 1-2-1 Flourish Programme course you will become a Licensed Flourish Practitioner at Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy.

To attend the Levels 3-5 1-2-1 Flourish Programme you need no hypnotherapy skills to join. You get everything you need on the course.

You will be ‘worked on’ with Levels 3-5 Flourish Programme techniques from day 1. If you are going to be a Licensed Flourish Practitioner you will need to flourish as a person first.

You will need to:

  • let go of all your personal baggage and mind-clutter and become free
  • let go of limiting beliefs and redundant concepts of how therapy should take ‘forever’
  • develop an ability to work intuitively within the Flourish Programme protocols
  • develop a sense of who you are, your purpose and a dose of spiritual awareness
  • have the confidence and motivation to complete the programme
  • have total belief in yourself as an advanced, confident and competent therapist
  • have total belief that your business will flourish too
  • be able to work with people with serious issues, with empathy and patience

Level 5 Flourish Programme at Cressingham College of HypnotherapyIf you feel you can’t do any of the above – why? We can all do it we were born to be successful. Much of the above will happen on this programme, within a few days. Even during those first few days when we are learning the basics, you will undergo hypnosis. And some of the higher concepts are used to free your mind and body of clutter.

What is the Flourish Programme

It uses Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology and psychosomatic methodologies. It creates an incredibly powerful way to change and run your life and help others. Course accreditation is by ACCPH. It is a Level 5 Integrated Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology and Neuropsychology Course. To gain this you must complete all the attendance days, homework, research and practice. When all of that is in place you will become a Licensed Flourish Practitioner.

You will receive the following diplomas:

  • Level 3 Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Level 3 NLP Practitioner
  • Level 4 Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner – Responsive Hypnotherapy
  • Level 5 Integrated Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology and Neuropsychology


The Levels 3-5 1-2-1 Flourish Programme is a two phase therapy and support system:

Phase 1: Therapy

This is where you will learn how to work with clients in the following areas:

  • Heavy addictions – alcohol, weed, cocaine, gambling, porn, etc.
  • Psychoneuroimmunology – boosting health and immunological factors
  • Hypnoneuroimmunotherapy© – the use of psychoneuroimmunology in hypnotherapy
  • Help with cancer care
  • Help with chronic degenerative illness care
  • Autoimmune problems
  • Fertility
  • Birth
  • Extreme stress and anger
  • Hypertension
  • Diet control for diabetes
  • OCD and Extreme anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Eating disorders
  • Severe psychosomatic problems
  • Trauma, rape and abuse
  • Self harming
  • Sports Performance
  • Business performance
  • Finding the Self
  • Find Life’s purpose
  • Developing Spirituality
  • and many other areas

Phase 2: The Life-builder and Support sessions

Phase 2 of the Flourish Programme is about additional support to help your clients rebuild their lives. This part of the Flourish Programme is optional to the client. Yes, you read it correctly –optional. Many people who have undergone Phase 1 have dissociated from their problem. They are suffering no symptoms at all – forever. This means they are able to get out there and enjoy life again. Yet; there are a significant number of people who have lost the confidence to ‘get out there’ again. They need extra support. These people are usually serious addicts, suffered from PTSD or abuse/rape victims. This is where Phase 2 swings into action.

The 1-2-1 Flourish Programme is not just about getting rid of something – it is also used to put things in as well. There are specific exercises that allow people to gain confidence, become more social and trusting. They can build safe relationships and look for work again, etc. It is irresponsible to help someone let go and move on; then not support them if they need help to re-build their former life.

Why the Flourish Programme works so well

The Levels 3-5 Flourish Programme is a whole mind-body experience we cannot work just in the mind using out of date psychological ideas. Many of these do not work well. You will learn real proven ways of helping people to change in seconds. Many people can change in a single session. Yes; you read that correctly. With these techniques most people for most problems can be ‘sorted’ in a single 2 hour session. These sessions are premium price so you do not have to see many clients a week to make a good living.

The Levels 3-5 Flourish Programme can be used totally content free. You actually don’t need to know the problem you are dealing with! It is that powerful. Much of this work is eyes wide open and making massive changes very quickly indeed. In many ways it is trance-less ‘hypnosis’. Several sessions of ‘old style’ hypnotherapy are completed in just minutes. I will say that again. “Several sessions of ‘old style’ hypnotherapy are completed in just minutes”. The effects are dramatic and permanent.

To see how I use this incredible therapy please visit:   www.richardwain.com


You can join

  • This course is accredited by ACCPH and The General Hypnotherapy Register. It allows full membership of both.
  • You can the join the CNHC Register for Hypnotherapists – recognised by the NHS after joining the GHR.
  • You also have access to the Wednesday Club for 12 months free.

Before you book on this courses you must call 01322 401388 to get full details of how this 1-2-1 course is delivered. We will need to ensure that the times you wish to be tutored are free.

You will be learning all levels of work from the beginning. You will be ‘worked on’ from day 1. It is not taught the same way as the 9 weekend course.

As you will understand 1-2-1 hypnotherapy training is intensive and does not come as cheap as being in a group. The price is double the group training the price for this work. But: to just 10 student I am offering significant discounts to those who wish to do 1-2-1 training with me.

Your Investment: 1-2-1 Flourish Programme: Levels 3-5  £3,750

Only £2,750 (Very limited places available – only 3 places left.

Single payment price.

Instalment Plan– Deposit £550. 10 monthly payments of £225. Total £2,800

When you go to the payment page the price shown is the deposit only. You will be sent an instalment schedule with your course materials and registration documents.

If you wish to pay the full amount please call 01322 401388 to book your place. Please do not purchase through the shop payment page. You will be able to pay by bank transfer, card over the phone, PayPal Send Money or cheque.


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